Hello friends and neighbors, fellow bloggers and any readers that may occasionally stop by this branch of WordPress. Sorry for the fact I haven’t been around, but I am here now, and here with news.

First off, sorry I dropped the ball on the DC Comics relaunch thing, for all of the none of you who were reading it. Reading comics, especially 52 of them, isn’t something that’s too time consuming, but then writing reviews, even short ones, that try to get the point across without spoiling anything in the books is hard…especially having to do it for 15 books a week. So, since we’re well into the second month of the DCnU, we’re going to go ahead and call the reviews dead. I’m not much of a review guy anyway, and I guess this taught me to stick to the lakes and rivers I’m used to.

Secondly, and more importantly the focus of this post, is the launch of Kick Out At 2! Ko@2 is my new project with Robbie Croy (@Robbie_Croy), and it went live with his first post yesterday.  This is a blog that will serve as our running commentary on what may be our favorite hobby/pass-time/obsession.  Heck, I had to curtail a lot of posts on this blog because I didn’t want it to turn into a strictly wrestling blog, and apparently Robbie was having the same issue, so we decided to join forces and create our own joint wrestling hang-out.

My plan for the site is for it to be a place where we can air out what we’ve got going on in our minds as it pertains to wrestling.  What we like, hate, want to see more of…etc.  Primarily, it’ll be articles from each of us, probably alternating days, based around a topic that we pick for that post.  However, we’re also planning on sprinkling in some other things, like a retrospective on each of our Top 10 wrestlers.  I also want to throw in some things like us looking back at our favorite story lines, matches, moments, etc, as well as some interactive features where we have polls or ask questions, so that we can get others into the fun as well.

You can check the site out at www.kickoutat2.wordpress.com as well as follow us on Twitter @KickOutAt2 for updates when we post new blogs.  We may also live tweet some shows from that address as well, if you want to follow along as we watch.  We’re looking forward to getting this up and off the ground, and if things go good, we’re into the idea of a possible podcast or YouTube show somewhere down the line.  We both feel this is going to be a lot of fun, so come enjoy the ride with us!


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